Available For Hire

If you're looking for some local Ruby talent to help with your project, or just hang around drinking beers all day, you could do worse than starting with this list.

  • 612 Software Foundry

    We love to make software - it is our specialty. We will we partner with you on a project to deliver a full-stack development solution. Our project work in the past has involved a range of technologies, platforms, and business domains, allowing us to help you choose the right technology to fit your needs and execute on it to deliver value to your organization.

    Recent project work includes full-stack dev with Ruby, rails, and javascript.


  • LoonSoft

    LoonSoft specializes in taking applications from development into production, performance tuning, scaling, security analysis and deployment architecture.

    Other services include test driven development process mentoring, SCCM solution consulting, and software maintenance and repair.

    For more information, contact McClain Looney at the provided address.

  • MN Web Dev

    We're a team of three freelance web developers who know how to tackle problems on the web. We build stuff out in both Ruby and Python and have tackled both simple and complex projects. Check us out at www.mnwebdev.com.

  • Ruby enthusiast looking for work!

    Hey there,

    I am a Ruby enthusiast. I was wondering if i could get involved or potentially employed doing some ruby work. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Money is a secondary concern for me!

  • Smokejumper Consulting

    Specializing in Agile adoption, technology training, and saving distressed projects, Smokejumper Consulting provides technical leadership and cutting-edge development consulting in Java, C#, Ruby, OCaml, and F#.

  • Experienced Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Ruby On Rails Software developer looking for new and exciting projects.
  • Currently under contract with United Health Group but it ends soon.
  • I am looking for Contract or Full time work.
  • I have 4 years of Ruby On Rails Development experience.
  • I have TDD and BDD experience
  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Bootstrap integration
  • Push and pull stream systems
  • Agile software development
  • Able to learn new software to build what is needed
  • kkebaara@yahoo.com
  • www.kebaara.com
  • DevelopStuff

    Freelance Ruby developer. Backend focused.

    I've deployed and built a few erlang and Go services as well, but Ruby is my main language.

    Give me a holler if you need some help! I've been with Ruby for 7 years and have been a part of several successful projects and startups.


  • Lead/SR ruby dev for hire!


    I am currently looking for new opportunities around town. I primarily like smaller companies that like to move fast and are staffed with really smart people.

    I am experienced ruby veteran who has shipped several large products used by many thousands of people.

    In addition to my ruby experience I have a very deep understanding of javascript and several of the popular client-side js frameworks.

    I have experience building large scalable apps and services. I work well in teams or on my own.

    While ruby is my latest experience I am also comfortable with many other languages/frameworks. I am a student of programming languages and can move between them rapidly.

    I prefer to work directly with an employer so please no recruiters!

    Please email me for more information. I'd be happy to chat.

  • Jr. Ruby Developer Looking For Work

    Hey Ruby.MN!

    I just graduated with a two year associate's degree in computer programming and have experience with numerous languages. BUT, Ruby is my passion since starting to work with Ruby and Rails over a year ago.

    I am looking for an internship or junior developer role open in the area. If anyone has or knows of such a position please let me know.

    I am becoming more proficient with Ruby, know the full stack of the Rails framework, know jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS and am currently learning TDD with rSpec. I'm a great team player and eager to learn more!

    You can see a snippet of a Rails project I worked on by visiting my Bitbucket account: www.bitbucket.com/dustinmeyer/rails-app

    I look forward to learning more and becoming a part of the Ruby community.



  • Gentian Software

    Gentian Software

    Freelance Ruby on Rails developer

  • Svitla Systems

    We've being working with ruby on rails since our opening at 2004. We have great pricing, extensive portfolio and lots of satisfied customers.

    You can reach us online at http://www.svitla.com

  • Software for Good

    Software for Good
    A design-driven software engineering team producing complete digital solutions for companies doing great things.
    Together, we can create change.


  • Java / Ruby developer


     I am a java developer who is

    passionate about ruby development. I am currently working at Thomson Reuters Mn as a Java developer. Most of my work here so far has been front-end development using HTML, javascript, jquery, Qunit, JSDoc-toolkit etc. This kind of UI development has given me an edge with Ruby web applications.

     I am looking for a remote

    development position that would probably need somewhere around 20-30 hrs a week. I will be open to visit the location as needed over the weekends. But I will be able to travel to the work location on a regular basis due to my work with Thomson Reuters.

     Although I'd like to paid, billing

    is not a huge concern when compared to me getting an exposure to the ruby based industry.

    Please send me an email if you have openings like this.

    Thanks Sincerely Venkat Akkineni 585-489-3259 venkatram.akkineni@gmail.com

  • supergloo inc

    We can't design user interfaces! In fact, we have difficult matching the color of our clothes each day.

    We play a role on teams with design and strategy in place (wink, wink interactive agencies). We design code, database schemas, APIs, tests, push and pull stream systems. In other words, we develop and deploy custom functionality, content management systems, e-commerce engines, mashups, mobile apps, templates from Photoshop/ Fireworks, community and database driven applications. We're pretty good at that. When you have the design and need the production, visit http://www.supergloo.com

  • Bust Out Solutions

    Bust Out Solutions designs and engineers mobile and web products with rock solid engineering and impeccable user experience design. Contact hello@bustoutsolutions.com or visit http://bustoutsolutions.com.

  • Hypergolic Motion

    Hypergolic Motion owned by Zachary Crockett provides:

    • Agile software development
    • Project management
    • Web and mobile apps
    • Machine learning expertise (got big data?)
    • Cloud deployment, scalability

    Recent projects have focused on educational technology, multiple API integration, and residential energy data management.

    Right now, I'm heavily occupied as CTO of Spark, however, I love helping people out as I have time. ;-)

  • Drivetrain

    Drivetrain is an agency that writes software that powers mobile, web and social network applications

    Founded by Dan Grigsby, Pete Schwamb, and Tom Brice - Ruby programmers who met at the monthly Ruby Users of Minnesota meetings, Drivetrain builds iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and Facebook apps on contract.

  • Ruby on Rails Developer

    Are there any Ruby on Rails Developers looking for a great opportunity in Minneapolis with a Publishing/Media company?

    It's an FTE role paying 80k if experience aligns. They are looking at people ASAP.

    email me for more information!


  • Slantwise

    Slantwise has done Ruby on Rails development since 2005. We've built more than 40 Ruby on Rails applications, including social networks, video sharing applications, e-commerce sites, CMS, etc. We also produce great designs, with an eye towards usability. Check us out online at http://slantwiselabs.com.

  • Digital Opera

    Digital Opera has been developing web based applications since 1994, mobile apps since 2009. We are user focused and test driven, with experience with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

    We're flexible: We can augment your team or take your project from inception to maintenance.

    We are experienced, reliable ROR developers, most with solid experience with backbone, angular, ember, jquery and coffeescript. Java and Objective C developers available also. All with Agile and Scrum chops.

    We can assist with Amazon S3, Heroku and other ROR deployment scenarios as well.

    Ping Larry @larrypreston, call (952) 393-4251 or email for more info (larry@digitalopera.com). No pressure what so ever - let's just have a chat about your project!

  • *NEW* Meeting Location

    The group meets the last Monday of each month at 7 PM (come early to hack Ruby code) above Day Block Brewery in the event center in downtown Minneapolis.

    Day Block Brewery

    1105 Washington Ave S.
    Second Floor
    Minneapolis, MN 55415
    Phone: 612-207-6622