Projects by Ruby.MN Members

These projects are the work of Ruby.MN members. Some are Ruby related. Some are not.

  • JRuby

    Charles Nutter
    Project URL:

    JRuby is an implementation of the Ruby programming language atop the Java Virtual Machine. JRuby aims to have both Ruby 1.8.6 and Ruby 1.9.1 compatibility with excellent performance for both. JRuby also provides access to Java libraries from Ruby code, making the whole of Java's ecosystem accessible to Ruby programmers.

  • Twistr

    Luke Francl
    Project URL:

    Twitter + Flickr = LOLs?

  • Resize Image

    Andy Gaskell
    Project URL:

    My first "real" Rails app. You can resize or crop pictures.

  • Screen Your Child

    Chris Schumann

    This site is a research-based system for obtaining parent's reports of their child's present functioning.

    The Child Development Chart at the center of the system helps determine "What" and "How Well" the child is doing, and to anticipate future development up to age five.

    The report helps both parents and professionals focus on any parent concerns and provides a profile of the child's development in five areas: Social, Self Help, Gross motor, Fine Motor and Language.

  • Cullect

    garrick Van Buren
    Project URL:

    Collaborative feed aggregator and reader, designed for easily finding and sharing the most important items from your favorite sites.

  • Classroom Agenda

    Andy Gaskell

    Classroom Agenda lets teachers post assignments, exams, field trips and general announcements. Parents and students can see what's going on in class from home.


    Mark Nutter
    Project URL: is a wiki for summaries of popular articles on and off the web. With the bookmarklet, when you've found a lengthy article you can click and see if a summary has been created, or you can be the first to create one. We built this app in response to the daunting amount of interesting articles that one runs across on any given day on the web.


    Casey Helbling
    Project URL:

    E-Commerce Site: Red Stamp offers distinctive, high quality, paper cards and other personalized paper products.

  • FanChatter Events

    Luke Francl

    In stadium mobile phone photo sharing. See your photos up on the big screen!

    This software is used locally by the Twins, Wild, and Gophers.

  • hudson hospital

    steve fox

    Website for Hudson Hospital & Clinics. Full-blown CMS. The client has created hundreds of pages, doctor profiles, press items with simple tools built in rails. CMS features full control over sidebar graphics, thumbnails, header graphics, graphics links and more. The app also provides nifty role-based authorization and an inward-facing set of pages viewable by hospital staff only.

    Fun project to say the least. Thinking about putting it on heroku.

  • Doppler Value Investing

    Jason Hsu

    Doppler Value Investing is the Doppler weather radar of value investing and provides profiles of over 4000 stocks. Because it is based on free cash flow and net liquid assets instead of earnings and book value, Doppler Value Investing will steer you towards companies with economic moats and away from the cash-burning imposters.

  • Co-op

    Barry Hess
    Project URL:

    Co-op makes it easy to stay connected with your co-workers without disrupting them. Your team can use it to post updates, ask questions, share links, and track time.

  • That'sCommunityEd!

    Stephen Heuer

    The premier web based solution for managing community education.

  • Harvest

    Barry Hess
    Project URL:

    Track time, log expenses, invoice clients, keep track of account receivables and revenue.

  • BBQBuds

    James Ostheimer
    Project URL:

    Social network for BBQ fanatics. Uses CommunityEngine to provide social networking features and adds on data that is specific to BBQ'ing.

  • Straw Bale Garden Club

    Paul Corcoran

    Subscription membership website with videos, forums, blog and more for those who are interested in growing a successful Straw Bale Garden. Straw Bale Gardening is a special kind "container" gardening with the following benefits: 1. Get high yields - especially anything that grows on vines like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, pumpkins etc 2. Doesn't need weeding 3. Does not require soil and can even be grown on parking lots, balconies and tainted soil 4. Extends the growing season by weeks by being able to start early as the bale conditioning process generates heat 5. Can be conventional or 100% Organic: your choice 5. The garden is raised above ground 16 inches so you are not on your knees

  • JavaChirps

    Sam Schroeder
    Project URL:

    Making Coffee Tweets Suck Less... or More

    This micro-app is a coffee tweet builder for Twitter. It was a fun toy app built to experiment with Twitter's OAuth system, jQuery, and Rails 2.3 templates.

  • Kernest (and Fontue)

    garrick Van Buren
    Project URL:

    Web font directory & open source font serving engine.

  • Venuematic

    Chris Schumann

    In-progress Rails project to help the SCA community ( catalog venues for holding events.

    The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group that promotes the study of Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

  • RideShare

    Weston Platter

    Carpool +100 people? No problem.

    Google Maps UI. Driver/Rider selection menu.


  • Follow Cost

    Luke Francl
    Project URL:

    Find out how annoying it will be to follow someone on Twitter before you follow them!

    Built by Luke Francl and Barry Hess using Sinatra and the Twitter APIs.

  • RaceDay

    JD Hendrickson
    Project URL:

    RaceDay makes registering for your racing events and managing them insanely simple. Accept registrations, collect fees, manage all the aspects of your race event, manage membership and membership dues and more with this easy to use, very affordable software.

  • iPhoto-to-WordPress.rb

    garrick Van Buren

    Ruby-appscript that lives in the Scripts Menu of your Mac & sends the selected iPhotos to your WordPress blog.

  • view140

    Jake Good
    Project URL:

    view140 is a simple pic view of Twitter. search by hashtag or keywords and get visual results. keyboard friendly.


    Mark Wagner

    A Social Media Productivity tool that connects with multiple socia media networks and blogging platforms to allow the scheduling and posting to multiple sinks at once. Includes a complete media library supporting Images, Audio, and Video. Completely written in RoR and utilizing Heroku.

  • Bargain Stock Funds

    Jason Hsu

    There are many sources of information on stock funds. Only Bargain Stock Funds focuses on the value investing perspective. If you want to apply the principles of Benjamin Graham to selecting a stock fund, Bargain Stock Funds is the site for you.

  • Mazi Hub

    Weicheng Zhu
    Project URL:

    A website which has Company management inside along with stripe payments

  • Culwiki

    garrick Van Buren

    Ruby and Rails based wiki engine using sessions for authentication and HAML for formatting.

  • Twitterless

    Mark Nutter
    Project URL:

    Twitterless started out as a Twitter app that notifies people when they lose followers, but it has grown into a general sandbox for different Twitter enhancement ideas. Currently we are working on a smart link culling service.

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